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Series 800A


The 1kVA – 15kVA “Series 800A” is a self-regulating, constant voltage transformer with ±3% regulation and output distribution.   The overall function of this product is to take polluted, fluctuating, and erratic electrical power and purify it for sensitive electronic equipment.   The “Series 800A” is ideal for solving the power quality problems typically found in commercial buildings.

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Example applications include:

  • Communications
  • Computing
  • Security Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • High-End Digital Photography
  • Test / Measurement Instrumentation

Additional information

Brand Name

Controlled Power


90% full-load efficiency for standard input and output voltage levels.


Acts as a large filter to eliminate harmonics that might be reflected into the line from the load, Provides “ride-through” capability for up to (1) full cycle of lost power, Solves 99.5% of all power disturbance problems, State-of-the-art ferroresonant transformer protects sensitive electronic equipment against all power line disturbances, line noise, and transients