Project Gallery


Power Conversion performed a generator project. The project included design layout and completion of creating an external building structure for 1000 kVA generator. After construction work was completed, the generator was delivered and placed into the new structure along with verifying proper electrical installation of equipment.

Power Conversions provided a full-on UPS emergency replacement project. After diagnosing the problematic UPS and providing removal services, we delivered and installed an emergency 300 kVA UPS rental unit the same day.

For this project we provided full installation service on a new equipment unit to our customer. The customer was in a need of a large 500 kVA UPS capable of handling a large data center. Power Conversions Technicians completed the install and performed a full start-up maintenance service including verification that the system was online supporting the customers critical load. 

Power Conversions not only specializes in UPS systems, but we can also help maintain Generators. We provided full maintenance service on the Cummins 500kW Diesel generator. This includes full inspection of the unit and verification of system performance. 

For this project, we did a full UPS upgrade. Our customer had a fully functional upgraded 80 kVA UPS system, but also a maintenance bypass unit. The maintenance bypass units are a crucial addition to your critical power needs because they allow technicians to work on the unit without fully shutting down the UPS.