Congratulations To 5 Years Irma!


           “We are extremely lucky and thankful to have these people in our lives. They have helped us expand as a company and we have seen them grow as individuals. We hope to advance even more with the help of all of our employees. Thank you Irma. You are to be celebrated for the years of excellence you have provided  for us.”      – Owners 

PCSC is proud to celebrate the 5 year anniversaries for one of our amazing team members – Irma Alvarado. PCSC is extremely fortunate to have her on-board and look forward to many years ahead as we continue to grow and provide the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

As an Account Administrator, Irma Alvarado has provided excellent customer support in expediting service requests, contract management and going the extra mile to minimize customer downtime and ensure customer satisfaction.

          “Great and kindest place to work at! Management is very supportive and listens to their employees; being presented with new tasks and responsibilities I was able to discover many new skill sets within the work place.”     -Irma Alvarado

Congrats to our 5 year employee. Here is to many more years with these amazing people as well as all of our crew on-board making the magic happen for all your critical power needs.

         “An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it”      -Anonymous