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Series 700A Three Phase


Voltage surges and sags are a leading cause of electronic equipment disruptions and failures. The Three Phase 10kVA – 1mVA “Series 700A” is a solid-state, automatic power conditioning voltage regulator that protects your equipment by guarding against these types of power anomalies, as well as longer duration over- and under-voltage conditions. The “Series 700A” precisely regulates line voltage to within ±3% of nominal in one cycle, and that voltage regulation is maintained during extended brownouts.

BrochureSeries 700A Three Phase 

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Example applications include:

  • Manufacturing / Automation / Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Audio / Video Recording Equipment
  • Broadcast Communications
  • Pharmaceuticals / Labs
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

Additional information

Brand Name

Controlled Power


AOM2020 Three Phase Advanced Output Monitor: Digitally displays the output voltages and output currents., PM2020 Three Phase Output Monitor : Digitally displays the output voltages and output currents.


97% typical


.5 Leading and Lagging Fp, 140 dB Attenuation, Deep Sag Protection, Energy Efficient, High Overload Capability, Linear Zero Crossing, Low Output Impedance, Microprocessor-Controlled, Output Regulation +/- 3%, Surge Suppression


Alarm Alert Indicator, Automatic Restart Following Loss of Power, Configurable Options, Input Circuit Breaker, K-Rated for a Mixture of Loads, NEMA1 Enclosure, Output Distribution: Receptacles and Flex Cable, Regulating 7-Tap System, Triple-Shielded Isolation Transformer

Line Voltage Regulation

Input Line Voltage: +10%, -20%
Output Line Voltage: +/- 2.5% typical (+/- 3% maximum)

Extended Line Voltage Regulation

Optional extended range for intermittent duty only: Input Line Voltage: +10%, -40%, Output Line Voltage: +/-5.5% typical (+/-6% maximum)