• Series-800PI-Industrial-Power-Purifier-500VA-25kVA

Series 8000PI


The 500VA – 25kVA “Series 800PI” is a constant voltage transformer with ±2% regulation and power “ride-through” capability.   This product protects your sensitive electronic equipment from voltage spikes, noise, impulses, over- and under-voltage conditions, and the effects of damaging harmonic currents.   The “Series 800PI” is ideal for industrial factory automation applications where high-powered equipment interferes with vulnerable electronic controls.

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Example applications include:

  • Variable Speed Drives
  • CNC Machines
  • Instrumentation
  • Sensors
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Industrial Computer Networks

Additional information

Brand Name

Controlled Power


Power Output: 1ø, 100% Duty kva/kw for non-linear loads
Line Voltage Regulation: .±2% Vout for +10% to -20% Vin.
Immunity To Distortion: @ 40%THD Vin, 5% Max. THD Vout
Load Regulation: ±2.5% for 0% to 100% load
Voltage Recovery: 2 cycles to 95%, 3 cycles to 100%
K Factor: K-30 Rated
Power Factor Correction: Input of 0.95 typical
Harmonic Attenuation: -23db for load reflected harmonics
Galvanic Isolation: NEC 250-5d, .001pf
Surge Protection: U/L 1449 Rating 330v; ANSI/IEEE C62.41-Cat B3
CMN Attenuation: 140db
TMN Attenuation: 120db
Ride Through Capability: 1 Cycle
Reliability: 200,000 hr. (MTBF)
Audible Noise: 1 meter, A scale, 52db to 56db
Efficiency: ≈ 92%
Operating Temperature: -20 degrees Celcius to +40 degrees Celcius