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Powersmiths Core & Coil, OPAL Series Transformer for OEM Integration


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Powersmiths offers the Core & Coil for purchase to be used for OEM integration.

OPAL Series low-voltage transformers are optimized to deliver up to 50% less losses than DOE 2016 minimum efficiency requirement.
The Powersmiths Core & Coil are the source of energy savings in all of their transformers

The OPAL design best practice considers managing impedance, fault levels, arc flash levels, inrush, harmonics, footprint, internal terminal layout compatibility and more. The OPAL design’s flexibility is a direct result of the tight feedback loop between design, onsite manufacturing, and extensive ongoing real-world operating performance verification. The result delivers the most savings per dollar spent. E-Saver OPAL series transformers are backed by Powersmiths’ continuous high-quality manufacturing and a standard 32-year pro-factor warranty.