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QSK60 for High Horsepower Commercial Industrial



Design: 4 cycle, V-block, turbo charged low temperature and after-cooled

Bore: 159 mm (6.25 in.)

Stroke: 190 mm (7.48 in.)

Displacement :60.3 L (3685 in.3)

Cylinder block: Cast iron, V16

Battery charging alternator: None

Starting voltage: 24 volts, negative ground

Fuel system: Lean burn

Ignition system: Individual coil on plug

Air cleaner type: Dry replaceable element

Lube oil filter type(s): Full flow and bypass filters Breather Breather filter

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Generator Model Hz Spec Sheet
C1000 N6 60 S-1623
C1000 N6C 60 S-1552
C1160 N5C 50 S-1466
C1200 N5C 50 S-1552
C1250 N6 60 S-1623
C1350 N6 60 S-1623
C1400 N5C 50 S-1552
C1400 N6C 60 S-1466
C1500 D6 60 SS16-CPGK
C2000 D5e 50 SS17-CPGK