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Eaton 5S UPS 550VA-1500VA


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The energy-efficient UPS for desktops and workstations.


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The Eaton 5S UPS system is designed for energy efficiency for desktops and workstations. The features and benefits include: enahanced power protection capabilities and safe system shutdown with the Eaton UPS companion software, 5S interface is auto-recognized when plugged into computers with Windows, Macintosh & Linux environments, LCD screen is great for accessing critical UPS information including battery time and outage tracking in a single screen view, ECO control is designed to save up to 30% on energy consumption by shutting down non-essential peripherals when the computer is turned off, the 5S is compact and slim, and can easily fit into tight spaces.

Lorbel recommends a service maintenance plan with any critical power unit, Lorbel understands the Eaton UPS model’s and can help find a maintenance plan that fits in your budget and will sustain your critical load.

Not sure if this is the unit you need? Contact Us for a consultation, Lorbel specializes in turn key projects and can help you figure out what equipment will fit your critical power needs and what else is required to complete the project.