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Eaton 9355 UPS 10kVA – 30kVA


The Eaton® 9355 is a mid-size, three-phase uninterruptible power system (UPS) that delivers superior power protection for the ever-expanding loads in today’s space-constrained data enters. The double-conversion topology of the 9355 means that it protects IT infrastructure from all of the most common power problems to give data center managers greater peace of
mind. The 9355 also offers an industry-leading combination of flexibility, scalability and power density—all in an innovative, high-efficiency package.

PDF: 9355 Brochure



The Eaton 9355 UPS provides premium double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for IT and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, healthcare, banking and industrial applications. Packing maximum battery runtime into a very small footprint, the 9355 UPS is a complete three-phase power protection solution. The 9355 can be equipped with an integrated, customization power distribution module that includes a maintenance bypass switch.

Lorbel recommends a service maintenance plan with any critical power unit, Lorbel understands the Eaton UPS model’s and can help find a maintenance plan that fits in your budget and will sustain your critical load.

Not sure if this is the unit you need? Contact Us for a consultation, Lorbel specializes in turn key projects and can help you figure out what equipment will fit your critical power needs and what else is required to complete the project.

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