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Xtreme P80g Series 3000VA – 5000VA


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The Xtreme P80g Series UPS provides advanced line interactive power protection for services and network equipment. The P80 is pure sine wave line interactive UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power. These units feature: auto restart after a full battery discharge, 99% efficient operation, smart LCD display to help monitor and show precise information about the units conditions, programmable receptacle group, temperature compensation to help prolong the battery life and help reduce replacement costs, hot swappable batteries. The unit can power up to 4.5kW of efficient realilable power in just 2U rack space.The unit also offer optional extended battery run-times and maintenance bypass for easy servicing without interruption of power. The unit follows CE and ROHS certification.

Lorbel recommends a service maintenance plan with any critical power unit, Lorbel understands the Xtreme UPS model’s and can help find a maintenance plan that fits in your budget and will sustain your critical load.

Not sure if this is the unit you need? Contact Us for a consultation, Lorbel specializes in turn key projects and can help you figure out what equipment will fit your critical power needs and what else is required to complete the project.

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