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ASCO Series 300 Quick Connect Power Panel Pub 2030


ASCO’s SERIES 300 Quick Connect Power Panels provide a reliable, convenient, and economical way to connect a standby generator to support your critical infrastructure and keep your business operating. These units are available in models ranging from 400 to 4000 Amps, and are designed to provide years of trouble-free service. The panels are listed to UL 1008 and together with an ASCO transfer switch, provides compliance to the new 2017 NEC Section 700.3 requirement to provide a connection for a temporary source of power for maintenance or repair of the alternate source.
When installed with an ASCO power transfer switch, you can be assured that your facility is protected by an economical solution that will reliably supply temporary power during a utility outage or maintenance work.


PDF: asco-series-300-quick-connect-power-panel-pub-2030

PDF: asc-ts-um-300-qc-400-800




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•Input Panels are listed to UL 1008 Transfer Switch Accessory
•Output Panels are listed to UL 891 for Switchboards
•Provides a convenient, economical and reliable means of connecting an emergency or alternate power source to a transfer switch
•Rated up to 600V
•Available from 400A to 4000A
•Standard Type 3R weather proof construction with or without cables connected
•Available in stainless steel enclosure option for corrosive environments
•Wall-mounted aluminum enclosure up to 800A; Floor mounted steel enclosure 1200A-1600A; Pad mounted aluminum enclosure 2000A-4000A
•Utilizes standard cam lock receptacle
for quick connections
•Cable Protect lock plate available
(up to 800A) to reduce risk of cable
tampering and theft
•Door over dead front panel ensures all
electrical parts are covered for added
protection (up to 800A)
•Phase rotation monitor, 2 wire auto start and provisions for trap key interlock are standard on 2000A-4000A Pad mount Enclosures
•Lockable doors to prevent unauthorized entry
•Flip Covers for Output Panels


Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 39 × 50 in




Output Panels are listed to:

UL891 for Switchboards

Input Panels listed to:

UL 1008 Transfer Switch Accessory