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Single Phase UPS System

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The Amplon M series contains single-phase line interactive UPS systems that provide sine-wave quality, flexibility, high availability to its users and is best used for a server UPS for small and medium-sized businesses. The power ratings are from 1 kVA to 3 kVA and can help provide a wide range of input voltages, these small size UPS systems can still be counted on for safeguarding data from black out or brown out situations, which cause brief power failure. Thanks to the onboard automatic voltage regulator (AVR), stable power flows from the device, and high-power protection availability is assured. By regulating power surges or drains, this line-interactive UPS helps to ensure power protection for your entire business, no matter the cause of the outage. The swappable battery pack allows for quick changes in the source of power and easy maintenance with little or no downtime. The M Series offers support for different applications using communication cards in the smart slots of the devices, and can also connect, via USB or RS232, to intelligent management software. The UPS units are available in either rack or tower configurations, to suit the needs of multiple applications such as server, networking, VoIP and telecommunications.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 17.32 × 17.28 × 3.48 in


Power Rating

1.5 kVA

Input Voltage

220/230/240 VAC

Output Voltage

220/230/240 VAC

Battery Type

9 Ah

Electrical Connection

Power Cord


RS232, USB, Smart slot , REPO

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