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DPH – 75KW

Modular UPS

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The Modulon DPH Series are modular UPS systems that are used extensively for critical operations, since it provides 25% more power output compared to power factor 0.8 UPS systems. With its modular structure, the true on-line, double conversion, three-phase Modulon DPH Series UPS system offers a scalable architecture for optimal power designs. It provides 25kW to 200kW of uninterruptible power with additional 800kW capacity in parallel. The DPH series also provides: advanced fault tolerance design achieved by self-redundancy to guarantee operation continuity, self-synchronization of power and control modules for continuous on-line operation, even in the event of control module failure to avoid down time, also providing hot-swappable key modules and components for the ultimate availability. The built-in manual bypass feature also helps make maintenance easier along with proactive detection of fan failure and switch fault for early diagnosis on UPS malfunction. The applications best suited for this technology: datacenter, telecom, industrial, network, banking, security, lab, medical and metro.

Additional information

Weight 683 lbs
Dimensions 23.62 × 42.91 × 78.74 in


Power Rating

25, 50, 75 kVA (depending on modules)

Input Voltage

380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V (3 phase, 4-wire +G)

Output Voltage

380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V (3 phase, 4-wire +G)


System communication port x 1, LCM port x 1, Parallel port x 2, Smart slot x 2, Output dry contact x 6, Input dry contact x 2, Battery dry contact x 2, REPO



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