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Here at Power Conversion Systems, our goal is to offer and maintain excellent Uninterruptible Power Supply service and administer full customer support and relief on any new or pending projects. We strive to offer consistent 100% customer satisfaction, quality equipment and professionalism in Mission Critical environments. Power Conversion System founded over 30 years ago is proud to offer a full range of services and products including:
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Field Service and Maintenance
  • Full turn-key solutions & data center design
  • Rentals and temporary power solutions

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Welcome To Our Company

We Are Power Conversion Systems

Here at Power Conversion Systems, our goal is to offer and maintain excellent Uninterruptible Power Supply service and administer full customer support and relief on any new or pending projects. We strive to offer consistent 100% customer satisfaction, quality equipment and professionalism in Mission Critical environments.

Power Conversion System founded over 30 years ago is proud to offer a full range of services and products including:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Field Service and Maintenance
  • Full turn-key solutions & data center design
  • Rentals and temporary power solutions


Our Professional Services

Power Conversion Systems dedicated staff and engineers have years of training and experience to provide turn-key solutions; including planning, managing and completing any critical backup power needs from a small desk application to a large data center.

Please feel free to explore some of the services we offer:


Power Conversion Systems is always prepared for any urgent or pending projects that you may have for your Critical Power load. Please fill out your information below for any questions or consultations you may have, and we will get back to you shortly.

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Project Gallery


Power Conversion performed a generator project seen to the right. The project included design layout and completion of creating an external building structure for 1000 kVA generator. After construction work was completed, the generator was delivered and placed into the new structure along with verifying proper electrical installation of equipment.

Power Conversion is always prepared to help our customers in demanding situations. In this project we provided a full-on UPS emergency replacement project. After diagnosing the problem UPS and providing removal services, we the same day delivered and installed an emergency 300 kVA UPS rental unit, that we had readily available.

For this project we provided full installation service on a new equipment unit to our customer. The customer was in a need of a large 500 kVA UPS capable of handling a large data center. Power Conversion Technicians completed the install and performed a full start-up maintenance service including verification that the system was online supporting the customers critical load.

Power Conversion not only specializes in UPS systems, but we can also help maintain Generators. In this project we provided full maintenance service on Generator including the one shown; Cummins 500kW Diesel generator. This includes full inspection of the unit and verification of system performance.

For this project we did a full UPS upgrade. In the pictures shown to the right not only does the customer have a fully functional upgraded 80 kVA UPS system but also a maintenance bypass unit. The maintenance bypass units are a crucial addition to your critical needs because they allow Technicians to work on the unit without fully shutting down the UPS.


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Delta Family

Delta UPS – Product Families

Delta UPS Solutions offers the best-in-class energy-efficient power solutions in the market. Delta UPS solutions help companies protect their equipment and data by providing a steady flow of electricity even during power cuts and other adverse circumstances. These UPS devices can be categorized into four major product families, namely, the Agilon Family, the Amplon Family, the Ultron Family, and the Modulon Family.

Delta UPS – Agilon Family

Delta UPS systems from the Agilon Family are best suited for Peripherals and PCs.

Delta UPS – Amplon Family

UPS units from this line is best suited for Network and Server Equipment.

Delta UPS – Ultron Family

UPS units from the Ultron Family provide quality backup power for Industrial and Datacenter equipment.

Delta UPS – Modulon Family

A single rack from the Modulon family of UPS units can help in the redundant power supply and unit expansion.

Agilon Family

UPS devices belonging to the Agilon family are primarily used to provide backup power for home appliances, personal computers, and other peripherals in the event of a power failure. It offers off-line UPS devices of up to 1500VA.

Amplon Family

The Amplon UPS family, on the other hand, provides single-phase online UPS devices of up to 12kVA in power ratings. These devices are chiefly used for networking equipment and servers.

Ultron Family

The Ultron family, conversely, offers three-phase online UPS devices with power ratings exceeding 4000kVA. This makes the Ultron family ideal for industrial facilities and data centers that require a huge amount of electrical power.

Modulon Family

From the Modulon UPS family, one can acquire modular UPS systems with power ratings up to 480 kVA, that offer redundancy and scalability in a single frame. Renowned for reliable efficiency, and innovative design, Delta’s UPS systems are some of the most popular and advanced devices in the market.

GAIA Series

The Amplon GAIA series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS designed in a rack or tower configuration and recommended for servers, VoIP, telecommunications and networking.This unique UPS combines plenty of features for your specific critical needs such as full-time protection and high input power factor in the small structure for tight storage spaces.The GAIA series UPS also has builtin batteries to provide continuous and stable power to your critical loads when power events occur, and with an external battery pack, it can fulfill longer backup time requirements.

M Series

The Amplon M series contains single-phase line interactive UPS systems that provide sine-wave quality, flexibility, high availability to its users and is best used for a server UPS for small and medium-sized businesses. The power ratings are from 1 kVA to 3 kVA and can help provide a wide range of input voltages, these small size UPS systems can still be counted on for safeguarding data from black out or brown out situations, which cause brief power failure. Thanks to the onboard automatic voltage regulator (AVR), stable power flows from the device, and high-power protection availability is assured. By regulating power surges or drains, this line-interactive UPS helps to ensure power protection for your entire business, no matter the cause of the outage. The swappable battery pack allows for quick changes in the source of power and easy maintenance with little or no downtime. The M Series offers support for different applications using communication cards in the smart slots of the devices, and can also connect, via USB or RS232, to intelligent management software. The UPS units are available in either rack or tower configurations, to suit the needs of multiple applications such as server, networking, VoIP and telecommunications.

N Series

The Amplon N Series UPS caries a true on-line, double-conversion 1, 2 and 3 kVA UPS housed in a compact tower. The power-factor correction functions of such systems enable them to draw current from an AC line as smooth sine waves, instead of as pulses. It features significant advantages, including an output power factor of 0.9 and up to 93% AC-AC efficiency for greater energy savings. Double-conversion UPS systems use less battery power and draw current from the battery without interruption. Built-in batteries provide critical loads with continuous and stable power in the event of a power interruption. Users can enjoy ideal electrical output performance and superior power quality. The Amplon N Series is designed to eliminate disturbances to workstations, POSs, ATMs or home appliances. For longer backup time requirements you can add an external battery pack to enhance availability for critical applications.

R Series

The Amplon R series is an online double-conversion rack-mountable UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical equipment and reliable protection for IT equipment and data centers. The R series offers an output power factor of 0.9 and a best-in-class AC-AC efficiency of up to 93% for greater energy savings. These ups systems provide watch-dog design of Digital Signal processor to increase reliability, cold-start capability provides temporary battery power right when you need it, during a power outage. The Amplon R series leads the industry in combining compact size, availability, flexibility, and low total cost of ownership.

RT Series

The Amplon RT series UPS model ranging from 1-10 kVA is a great investment for your critical power needs. It is an online doubled-conversion UPS that has: watch-dog design of Digital signal process to increase reliability, fan failure detection alerts the user for replacement, hot swappable batteries to ensure no down time when batteries need to be replaced. The RT series also provides an optional external battery pack to provide more back up time if needed. The Amplon RT 1-10 kVA series features an output power factor of 0.9 and best-in-class AC-AC efficiency up to 94% resulting in greater energy. The intelligent battery management is great to help sustain the battery life and performance. Another great feature for this series is the fan speed control by load level, it maximizes efficiency and reduces audible noise.The applications supported for this series are: personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunications.

EH Series

The Ultron EH Series contains UPS systems that are online and double-conversion, ranging from 10-20 kVA. This technology isolates the output power and protects it from input obstructions. The dual input design is great to allow different power supply sources for enhanced availability. The built-in manual bypass will ensure continuous power to the load even if the UPS fails. The small footprint is ideal for space challenged environments. The wide input voltage range is used to reduce battery discharge probability and extended the battery life. The user-friendly multi-connectivity interface helps user have a handle on their UPS unit which includes Delta’s advanced management software support analysis, remote UPS management and monitoring, remote shutdown event log tracking and event alert management. The applications ideal for the EH Series include: IT rooms, telecommunications, banking, medical facilities, and laboratories.

HPH Series

The brand-new Ultron HPH series 160-200kVA is a true online double-conversion UPS offering the best-in-class combination of power performance and efficiency for medium data centers, pan-IT, and other mission critical applications. Thanks to Delta’s R&D expertise and excellent engineering capabilities, the Ultron HPH features up to 96.5% AC-AC efficiency, low iTHD < 3%, and high input power factor > 0.99 resulting in significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Highlights of the highly reliable Ultron HPH series UPS design include key component redundancy and proactive battery health detection. With its combination of superior availability and power performance, the Ultron HPH 160-200kVA is the top choice for power protection of sustainable medium business operations.

NT Series

The Ultron NT series UPS systems are designed for operations in the harshest of environmental conditions, they series offers proven reliability and flexibility to secure electrical power supplies in critical applications. The three phase UPS featuring customized I/P-O/P ratings brings best-in-class technology, a long product lifetime (minimal servicing), N+X parallel operations for increased redundancy deployment, and a broad range of available power ratings. The Ultron NT Series UPS lets you effectively respond to increasing demands placed on infrastructure in commercial and industrial facilities by offering N+1 functionality. Efficiency is a key feature with 93% system efficiency at full load and continuing to 25% load. Other features include: built-in maintenance and bypass switch, multi-language LCD display and LED status indicators to help easily identify alarms or event history, optional external battery cabinet for increased back up time, wide input voltage ranges to extend the battery life. The applications the NT series can be used for: datacenters, telecom, industrial, network, security, banking, laboratories, medical fields and metro.

DPS Series

In a highly competitive market where UPS performance and reliability are required, keeping pace is simply not enough. To fulfill your current and future needs, choosing Delta’s Ultron DPS series is a solution worth considering. It is best suited for applications requiring power ratings of 160kVA to 500kVA. Delta’s Ultron DPS is a double-conversion and IGBT-rectifier three phase UPS. With the three level IGBT topology for both PFC (power factor correction) and inverter, the Ultron DPS features industry leading performance of up to 96% AC-AC efficiency. Thanks to Delta’s advanced digital PFC control, it also has low iTHD < 3% and high input power factor > 0.99 resulting in significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Aiming to achieve the highest availability possible, Delta has enhanced special designs for battery management, swappable fans and ease of maintenance. To empower customers to make the optimal choice for their unique energy needs, the Ultron DPS series includes three different cabinet sizes: 160 kVA UPS~200 kVA UPS ; 300 kVA UPS~500 kVA UPS. Excellent power performance and high system availability of the Ultron DPS provide customers with the benefits of a stable power supply, high power efficiency, low capital investment and low overall operation cost. To increase system reliability in the challenging electrical environments common for today’s businesses, Delta has designed the Ultron DPS with an input voltage range -40% ~ +20%, for clients looking to build a foundation on a N+X redundancy / hot-standby configuration. Intelligent fan speed control and redundant fan design that prevents overheating is also featured in the Ultron DPS. With its state-of-art design, intelligent fan speed control and redundant fan design, Delta’s Ultron DPS UPS series provides a cornerstone for power performance and efficiency.

DPH Series

The Delta Modulon DPH series UPS 50 has a larger kVA including: 300/500/600 kVA, with this high rating the series achieves the industry’s leading power density of 50kW per module, offering the smallest footprint and best space utilization. The UPS systems offers: fully modularized design and hot swappable key modules to ensure mean time to repair close to zero without downtime risk, redundant components and dual CAN bus delivers the highest system availability and avoids single point of failure. The user friendly 10” color touch screen make’s UPS management easy and accessible. This DPH series is best applicable for the following industries: data center, telecom, industrial, network, banking, security, lab, medical and metro.

NH Series

The Modulon NH Plus Series UPS systems are scalable and available from 20 to 480 kVA with upgrades, the series was designed with the future growth of your business in mind, and can easily be upgraded or expanded as needed to accommodate increased requirements for power. The series features: built-in maintenance and static bypass switch, hot-swappable modular structure for easy maintenance and accessibility, secure protection is possible because of the six programmable dry contact outputs and two smart slots, plus redundant auxiliary power and control circuits. The series’ N+X module and built-in system redundancy maintain a steady, reliable source of energy with a high efficiency level of up to 94%. The system’s generator is optimized for low harmonic distortion (iTHD<3%), resulting in even greater value for your initial investment. The series are suited for the following applications: data center, telecom, industrial, network, security, lab, medical and metro.

VX Series

The Agilon VX line-interactive UPS single phase designed with microprocessor control offers reliable and cost-effective power protection for PCs, monitor, POS, and other sensitive electronics used in home offices and small businesses. The integrated Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensures all electronics are receiving stable power while providing higher availability. The Agilon VX series’ LCD display, auto-shutdown software and other superior features make these units perfect for your data protection. Reliable power protection for small business and home office applications

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All of our updated white pages, line cards and more will always be here to educate you on all  your critical power needs.


All of Power Conversions updated information including white pages, line cards etc. will be here to educate you on any of your critical power needs.


Congratulations To Our 5 Year Employees!

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“We are extremely lucky and thankful to have these people in our lives. They have helped us expand as a company and we have seen them grow as individuals. We hope to advance even more with the help of all of our employees. Thank you Irma, Fernando and Daniel. You guys are to be celebrated for the years of excellence you have provided for us.”      – Hector & Irene Meza


PCSC is proud to celebrate the 5 year anniversaries for 3 of our amazing team members – Irma Alvarado, Fernando Pena and Daniel Urena. PCSC is extremely fortunate to have them on-board and look forward to many years ahead as we continue to grow and provide the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

As an Account Administrator, Irma Alvarado has provided excellent customer support in expediting service requests, contract management and going the extra mile to minimize customer downtime and ensure customer satisfaction.

“Great and kindest place to work at! Management is very supportive and listens to their employees; being presented with new tasks and responsibilities I was able to discover many new skill sets within the work place.”     -Irma Alvarado

Fernando Pena, Field Service Technician, gets the job done quick and effectively. Whether it is installing UPS systems, upgrading battery systems or just performing preventative maintenance, Fernando is always ready to perform his jobs to meet the customer’s expectations.

“I’ve enjoyed working here. I’ve learned a lot and improved my skills as a Service Engineer.”      -Fernando Pena

As a Field Service Technician II, Daniel Urena jumps into action resolving problems quickly and minimizing unexpected downtime. His experience and training enables quick repairs and happy customers.

I appreciate all the training, knowledge and experience. I don’t see myself working for any other company. I look forward to continue growing.                        -Daniel Urena

Congrats to our 5 year employees. Here is to many more years with these amazing people as well as all of our crew on-board making the magic happen for all your critical power needs.


“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it”      -Anonymous