Delta Family

Delta UPS – Product Families

Delta UPS Solutions offers the best-in-class energy-efficient power solutions in the market. Delta UPS solutions help companies protect their equipment and data by providing a steady flow of electricity even during power cuts and other adverse circumstances. These UPS devices can be categorized into four major product families, namely, the Agilon Family, the Amplon Family, the Ultron Family, and the Modulon Family.

Delta UPS – Agilon Family

Delta UPS systems from the Agilon Family are best suited for Peripherals and PCs.

Delta UPS – Amplon Family

UPS units from this line is best suited for Network and Server Equipment.

Delta UPS – Ultron Family

UPS units from the Ultron Family provide quality backup power for Industrial and Datacenter equipment.

Delta UPS – Modulon Family

A single rack from the Modulon family of UPS units can help in the redundant power supply and unit expansion.