UPS Maintenance

Power Conversion Systems offers many maintenance plans for all your critical power needs.

Our goal is to minimize downtime and control life cycle costs. Our service contracts offer competitive pricing and can fit any budget for any application. We also offer coverage for not only your UPS, but also Generators, Maintenance Bypass, Automatic Transfer Switch, Emergency Lighting, etc.

Standard Service Plan

Our most cost-effective plan for companies that have a UPS and Battery system that is under manufacturer warranty and only need preventive maintenance inspections. This plan offers quarterly, semi-annual and annual preventative maintenance, and is best for remote site operations.

Premium Service Plan

This service plan is ideal for companies looking to reduce cost yet maintain emergency service support. The plan includes priority 8-10 hour emergency response and troubleshooting labor in the event of system failure or alarm condition. This plan is ideal if the age of the UPS and battery system is less than five years.

Ultra Service Plan

Our most prestigious plan was created for critical environments that cannot accept any downtime. The top of the line plan offers priority 4-6 hour response time, comprehensive maintenance service and covers repairs under one price. With corrective service included, you will receive quick turnaround time for any faulty parts. The Ultra Service Plan is also favorable for companies who want to stay on budget and maintain a fixed cost for emergency service and break/fix items.

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