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Eaton 9390 UPS 10-160kVA



Although Eaton no longer manufactures the 9390 systems, Lorbel can still provide you assistance on finding a refurbished unit of this Model. Lorbel has a large amount of refurbished UPS units and parts to help support the legacy unit.



The Eaton® 9390 is a double-conversion uninterruptible power system (UPS) that resolves all utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous, uninterruptible power to connected equipment. Whether you’re selecting a UPS for a branch office, manufacturing floor, medical facility, or data center, there’s a 9390 model that delivers just the right combination of performance and price for your needs. The 9390 offers some key benefits and features such as the transformer-less design which helps increase efficiencies over transformer-based UPS systems, it can allow a smaller footprint and higher density and also helps with lower installation and shipping costs. The unit can be mounted directly next to a wall or even in a corner allowing flexible installation, and making servicing easy because of the accessible front panel. The unit can be easily expanded or paralleled using Powerware hot sync technology. The advanced battery management includes cyclical battery charging to increase service life of batteries and reducing total cost of ownership, sophisticated battery condition monitoring, testing and alerts are enabled to help identify potential problems before they affect your load. Optional system accessories: Battery Cabinets, Integrated distribution cabinets, Integrated accessory cabinets.