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Eaton 3S UPS 350VA – 750VA


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The sleek Eaton® 3S delivers high efficiency and energy-saving battery backup and surge protection for your premium
home and office equipment — ready to go right out of the box.


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The Eaton 3S delivers premium battery backup and surge protection for up to 10 home and office devices. EcoControl functionality provides up to 30 percent greater energy savings than typical battery backups, and plug-and-play compatibility enables automatic integration. The slim 3S fits neatly under a desk, in an entertainment center or on the wall.

Lorbel recommends a service maintenance plan with any critical power unit, Lorbel understands the Eaton UPS model’s and can help find a maintenance plan that fits in your budget and will sustain your critical load.

Although Eaton no longer manufactures the 3S systems, Lorbel can still provide you assistance on finding a refurbished unit of this Model. Lorbel has a large amount of refurbished UPS units and parts to help support the legacy unit.